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Rebirth 14


Rebirth Level

: 167

Rebirth WZ Requirement

: None

Rebirth Requirement

: Letter H,A,L,O,W,Tart & BOR

Rebirth Reward

: LvL 169

AdditionalPoints Given

: 6000


Rb 14 is divided into 4 parts


Part 1 : Player must complete SQ 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4. ( Players who already completed will have to do it again as it ll be reset)

Part 2 : Player must do a normal quest with 3 sub quest to get an item.

Part 3 : Player must earn 10 Pk point by killing Rb 13 players ONLY

Part 4 : Combine Stocking(M), Blessed, Star Decoration(A) and Refresh to craft Rb 14 items

How to do?

Part 1 : All Players must use special quest scrolls and complete the quest, One who started the quest will only be given the quest status and not the players in the party.

Part 2 : A series of normal quest where you need to complete the quest by killing creeps and bosses. Quest can be taken from Hatrel Healer - Adell



> Below is the images of all 3 series of the quest.




> If any player quit the quest by mistake, it wont be replaced and must be done again

> The final quest must be submitted to Hatrel Teliporter

> Once you complete the quest you ll be getting an item called Pineapple Tart. This will be a part of the Rb 14 quest item.

Part 3 : Player Kill Points. Every RB 13 Player must earn 10 PK Points by killing RB 13 Players.

> Points can be earned only if you kill a RB 13 Player.

> Each kill will earn you 1 point and each death will loose you 1 Point

> If a player dies 10 times and reaches -10 it will be called a wasted character and that char cannot earn point by killing and players cannot earn point if they kill a wasted char so be a hunter and dont get hunted.

> Once a player achieves 10 points it doesnt mean that his pk quest is completed. He will loose points if he dies.

> Single shot kill may not earn you points and there must be a fair game, PK Points will only be given when there is a shout from PVP SYSTEM

Part 4 : Combinations - There are 5 items to be crafted to complete the RB 14 Items and they are Letter [H], Letter [A], Letter [L], Letter [O] and Letter [W] all these items are also dropped by god bosses.

Combination Items - Stocking [M], Blessed, StarDecoration [A], Refresh, Happy, New, Year.

Combination Formula :

> Letter [H] = Happy + New + Year

> Letter [A] = New + Year + Happy

> Letter [L] = Year + Happy + New

> Letter [O] = 1 + 2 + 3 + Stocking [M] + Blessed + Star Decoration [A] + Refresh

> Letter [W] = 1 + 2 + 3 + Refresh + Star Decoration [A] + Blessed + Stocking [M]

These will fetch you the 5 required letters 

Letter [H], Letter [A], Letter [L], Letter [O], Letter [W], Pineapple Tart, Breath of Reydan

Here is a quick summary of  the entire Rebirth 14 Process

> SQ 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 must be completed

> Regular series quests must be completed

> 10 PK Points must be earned.

Letter [H], Letter [A], Letter [L], Letter [O], Letter [W], Pineapple Tart, Breath of Reydan items must be in inventory

Once you meet all these requirements you can logoff and take RB 14 from ACS.

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