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Rebirth 11

                                                    REBIRTH 11

Rebirth Level

: 165

Rebirth WZ Requirement

: 4,000,000,000,


: Snow (C) + Tree (H) + Bell (R)

Rebirth Reward

: Grace Of Silbadu

AdditionalPoints Given

: 4200

How to do Rebirth 11 ?

> Go to Clorence Teleporter marishi and take the quest

> Choose Rb 11 Quest, After taking the quest

 > You can find Purr in Camarru, Kuazer in Spotkia and Banshiu in Bughye.

>  Kill the monsters as mentioned and submit back the quest to marishi, You will get tree H as reward.

> Collect snow C and Bell R from boss monsters in clorence map

> The highlighed item below shown is the quest reward Tree [H].

Note: You have to do the quest compulsory and the tree h purchased from other characters will not work, DO NOT QUIT QUEST UNTIL YOU HAVE TAKEN THE RB.

GM's are not responsible for such cases.


 > Once done keep the items in inventory as show above, logoff and use the service page for taking rb.

  • Saturday, 05 November 2011